Becoming Emotionally Stable

6 Chapters

1 hrs 13 mins

After a certain point and experiences in life, since you have had it enough, come to a point where you feel that you are being asked to change the course of your life. That's when you will see that you are most vulnerable, and the acceptance of that vulnerability creates a space because you have accepted something that you are highly uncomfortable with.

If there is nothing more that can go wrong in your life right now, where you are, and you have accepted it, then there is a passage through which you can walk towards the light of the day. That you truly deserve. And that will mean one thing: neither an intellectually driven nor an emotionally led life.


Apart from the physical aspect, if you always feel to be this or that, mostly it has to do with the circumstances. It's a circumstance that is turning the emotions in all directions, and if you are feeling better than that, it means that you can behave better than the situation.

So if one is able to ignite the intellect of discernibility and be led by that level of discernibility where one is able to make quite a distinct decision to go ahead in life and be committed to it, there is a possibility of massive growth there. Things that do not deserve time will be cornered by its presence when one realizes the very perspective with which one can conduct himself or herself in the most harmonious way.

What will you Gain from "Becoming Emotionally stable" Journey?

  • Learn to Behave better than the situation
  • Connect to the source of Harmony
  • Decode Happiness
  • Learn to operate from Silence
  • Clarity of the vision
  • Mantra to overcome
  • Conscious lifestyle

Who Should Enroll?

How we feel has to do with our emotions. And these feelings are the reasons for our well-being, as the feeling is the expression of the emotion.

So apart from being a physical aspect, if one always feels like being this or that, mostly it has to do with the circumstance. Circumstance, which is turning the emotions left, right, or center, and everyone finds himself or herself into this intensity of emotions at some level or another.

When these emotions are subsided, the feeling does not catch you. How are you feeling right now? Ask this question to yourself. And if what you're feeling cannot help you behave better, then most probably you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

'Wise' operates from 'silence' of all instigating emotions. Hence the most apt to face any challenge!