Self Governance

11 Chapters

1 hrs 18 mins

Self-Governance has been crafted to deepen the understanding of the phenomena that affect our well-being, with clarity, why things are the way they are, the underlying issues that affect our way of behaving, and the tools to overcome and align with the true nature of our being.


Anything that we are feeling right now, at this point in time, and the reason why it freaks us out, is connected to our emotional well-being, which goes beyond the domain of our level of acceptance, and if we stretch that level of acceptance, there could be progress.

The governance that is regulated by self comes after acceptance of all vulnerabilities, the point where we feel the weakest, and if we could take control of that, it means that we have accepted the most vulnerable zone of our area as something to overcome.

Attune yourself with a deeper understanding of things, the way they are, and from a perspective wherein one is able to challenge oneself.

What you will Gain from the "Self-Governance" Journey?

  • Become Unperturbed
  • Stay afloat in times of your vulnerabilities
  • Reach that stage of Human evolution where you are in the flow of the Universe
  • Ability to process Success and Failure
  • Rise above Emotions
  • Be guided Intuitively in order to perform better than the situation itself
  • Achieve Excellence
  • Non-Judgement
  • Become present to the moment
  • Clarity to move forward
  • No dichotomy between Who we are and What we would like to become

Who Should Enroll?

A person who is determined to make a go of it. Because he or she has processed himself or herself in such a way, through the time of hardship, through the times of the turmoil, through the times of all the mind machinations to be able to find the other edge of the world. Which is right, which is just and which is most vulnerable at the same time.

‘Self-Governance’ honours democracy. Rest need autocracy.